• Civil Law

    Civil Law

    We are qualified to provide a full-range of services in Civil Law • Real and Property Rights • Family Law • Succession Law • Civil Law Contracts • Wills • Inheritances

  • Criminal and Regulatory Law

    Criminal and Regulatory Law

    The growing criminalization of conducts and the consequential increase in the number of administrative infractions practised require strict attention, as well as knowledge within this area

    • We provide legal support for all types of criminal proceedings (including tax crimes, economic crimes and crimes against Social Security)

  • Tax Law and Litigation

    Tax Law and Litigation

    Tax Consultancy relative to all the taxes that are charged in Portugal (VAT; Income Tax; Corporate Tax; Stamp Duty; Municipal Property Transfer Tax; Municipal Property Tax) • Tax consultation and litigation

  • Intellectual Property and Information Technology Law

    Intellectual Property and Information Technology Law

    Trademarks and Copyrights • Patents • Domain Name Registration • Company Name Registration • Litigation

  • Commercial Law

    Commercial Law

    Corporate Law • Mergers and Acquisitions • Corporate Restructuring • Bankruptcy • Debt Securities

  • Administrative Law

    Administrative Law

  • Licensing and Environmental Law

    Licensing and Environmental Law

  • Urban Planning Law

    Urban Planning Law

  • Labour Law

    Labour Law

    Permanent follow-up and advising rendered to private individuals and companies on all labour issues that may arise throughout the course of their activity • Preparation and drafting of work contracts – collective contracts • Dissolution of job positions

  • Business Litigation

    Business Litigation

    Arbitration and Mediation • Civil Law • Collections • Criminal Law • Corporate Law

  • Real Estate Law

    Real Estate Law

    Purchase and sale of real estate • Follow-up of all commercial and industrial licensing projects • Commercial / Private Leases and, consequently, all property management

  • Litigation Law and Arbitration

    Litigation Law and Arbitration

    • Administrative Law • Public Procurement Law • Licensing and Environmental Law • Urban Planning Law

  • Registry and Notary

    Registry and Notary

    We render services, such as recognition and authentication of documents and signatures, certification of copies and other Notary acts

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    Litigation Law and Arbitration

  • Public Procurement Law

    Public Procurement Law