We are a centennial family firm currently comprised by four lawyers, a legal executive, two secretaries and a network of external consultants, which ensure the reliability of the services which we offer to our clients on a daily basis.


With the utmost respect for morality and the law, our basic axiom is total and inviolable professional secrecy. Not only do we maintain confidential everything entrusted to us professionally, but we also do not comment publicly on the cases attributed to us. We do not provide any statements to the media on pending cases, not only because it is forbidden by law, but because we understand this to be an illegitimate form of pressure on the decision-maker.


All information is placed at our clients disposal. Permanent contact is provided on pending cases. We have all the means of contact necessary to ensure maximum transparency and support, guaranteeing total confidentiality. Whether dealing with private clients or companies, we have a common method which consists on differentiating preventive legal services - acting to prevent litigation or preparing in advance for litigation that has not yet been declared - from litigation services, in which we seek the best possible result for a dispute that has already erupted. For companies and other legal entities, namely, associations, foundations, or private social solidarity institutions, we have a different approach, since we also provide services on retainer, adjusted case by case. Whether private individuals or companies, clients always have “their own” personal lawyer at their disposal, and his/her replacement is permanently assured through our reliable and tested in-house Back up report system.

We do not perform tasks in which we do not truly believe. Our procedural efforts are suited to our clients’ intended outcomes and our actions always take into account strict cost/benefit criteria. We are aware that the lawyer’s mission is instrumental to our clients’ ultimate ends and not an end in and of itself. We are totally focused on our activity. Our clients are represented directly by us before all national authorities and through partnerships before international authorities. We have a great deal of expertise in national and international arbitration. Our services can be provided in-house in English, Spanish and French. We can also render services in other languages by resorting to professional translators.

We take into account our clients’ interests when internationalizing their activities (for example, in the European Union, Portuguese-Speaking African Countries, Morocco, United States of America or Brazil) and we support foreigners who invest or establish themselves in Portugal (for example, individuals and companies from the European Union, Switzerland, Portuguese-Speaking African Countries, Morocco, United States of America, Brazil and Asia). The continuous training of our professionals is a constant concern and is ensured by their participation in dozens of annual conferences on the most relevant legal and economic topics. Our interns follow all the activity in our office and are selected based on the strictest personal and professional criteria. All our professionals are registered in the Ordem dos Advogados (Portuguese Bar Association) and are covered by professional indemnity insurance (limited liability; if requested, we will provide the scope and limit of the coverage).


An important aspect of the transparent relationship we maintain with our clients is that we set our fees adjusted to the specificity of our work, while safeguarding the finances of our clients, on which we depend exclusively. In order to ensure the highest level of independence possible, our professionals only receive payment from clients and do not have any sponsors or connections to any external powers. We consider financial independence to be one of the building blocks of the services we render. Whenever possible, we provide quotations for our services.